First Ascent of Radiator, on Abraham in Zion NP
fromSlideShow002  Abraham in Zion NP moreZion012  a big wall RandomA047  one of the three patriarchs Zion076  steep sandstone
Zion078  hard aid Zion227  bold free climbing (Walt Shipley on a necky traverse) Zion229  cool features Zion230  big pendulums
Zion231  great corners Zion284  wowee, pretty scary Zion235  big bad John Middendorf at the base, smoking a cig Zion285  somewhere up there...
Zion286  another shot Zion291 Zion287  any room for me up there? Zion288  coming up!
Zion290  featured rock Zion292 Zion293  to the summit and down again--serious descent with few bolts... Zion294
Zion322  an amazing place