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Title: Wall Tunes- Ipod and ?
Post by: Baltoro on October 06, 2011, 12:14:55 pm
So I have a life long pursuit of "the peferct belay", be it on the Big Stone lounging on the ledge or finding creative sling usage for proper reclining on multipitch free routes. If you're going to be there awhile you might as well be comfy right? Wall Tunes are in integral part of this. They aren't for everyone but I dig them.

What I don't dig is terrible systems for playing them. Obviously the Ipod in its many variations is the ticket for player and storage but the delivery is my concern. I've yet to find a Ipod doc or speaker setup that was up to the task. That's what has led me to buck up and build it myself. Since i know fairly little about wiring, speakers or otherwise I'm sure I'm in for some work but it's bigwall tinkering so it should be fun.

Here's what I'm envisioning:

Small with durability as the priority. Beefy wiring, beefy connections, beefy, beefy, beefy. I don't really care if it's a brick, just so long as it's bomber and ideally protects the Ipod inside of itself. It seems most commercial version have the Ipod sticking up, poised to fall off with the slightest bump or connected via a cord, ready to get knocked loose.
Reasonable quality speakers- I don't need people three routes over to hear them but partway up a pitch seems reasonable and I want it to actually sound like the music, not some robotic version of the original.
It would act as an additional power source for the Ipod. Essentially the Ipod and speakers would run off the same fuel cell.
I'm thinking it would be cool to do a system for attachment that had two shockcord sections on either side. On the end of these would be a keychain biner. At a typical belay you could stretch the cords from bolt to bolt, thus keeping the tunes above all the other cluster that resuls at most wall belays, nestled happily beteen but not below the bolts.

I'm thinking I'll have to start with a commercial version for the guts of it. Essentially using the internal workings that make the Ipod play. Ideally I'd want it to work with a shuffle but maybe if I used a Nano or something that had it's own buttons or what not I'd make my life easier. Different speakers and beefy internals from there.

So what are your thoughts? I've got a brother in law who does some cool things with carbon fiber. Do I go there for sleek and sexy or just do some milling of alumium?
Title: Re: Wall Tunes- Ipod and ?
Post by: Garbonzo on October 06, 2011, 12:22:10 pm
Dude, you are overthinking.

I take my old ipod nano, so I don't need to care about it.  I then modified an iLuv little speaker widget that gives decent iPod potection.  I added a better clip in loop, and sewed the bottom of the mesh ipod holder so it is a pocket, not just a strap.  Light, good to go.  The batteries last a whole wall, much longer than the ipod.  I've had bad luck with ipod chargers, so next time I'm just taking my wife's old ipod nano as backup (weighs less than a charger anyway).

Title: Re: Wall Tunes- Ipod and ?
Post by: Baltoro on October 06, 2011, 12:38:19 pm
That works too. I just haven't found one that stood up to the task.

Isn't overthinking it kind of part of the bigwall spirit though?
Title: Re: Wall Tunes- Ipod and ?
Post by: Garbonzo on October 06, 2011, 02:37:02 pm
Over thinking for bigwalls?  Who me?

Let's see...
Homemade russian aiders, guilty
bartacker I can't justify owning, guilty
box of custom machined portaledge corners I haven't spent a night sleeping on yet, guilty

Carry on...
Title: Re: Wall Tunes- Ipod and ?
Post by: Mike. on October 06, 2011, 04:35:37 pm
The crappy little systems I've used haven't left me wanting for better. It's like beer. Anything up there is great. Helps if you already know the music so you're not "missing" anything thru the marginal sound quality. JMHO.