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Non Climbing (if you must) / Yosemite camping. How do you roll?
« on: December 06, 2012, 12:39:17 pm »
So my wife and I are planning on the valley this fall.  Me for an el cap route, my wife for hanging out and relaxing with our dogs. If I was by myself, I'd go the Camp 4 route, but my wife likes a little more comfortable camping experience.  We're looking into private campgrounds outside the park with hookups for our trailer.  I know that reserving an rv campsite in the park is chancy at best.
Does anyone here have any experience with private campgrounds outside Yosemite?  I'm curious to know what you all do for accommodations while not on the wall?  Camp 4? Bivi in your car? Other campgrounds in the park?


Big Wall Forum / 2:1 Hauling Question
« on: November 27, 2012, 03:19:22 pm »
Hey All,

So I've put together a 2:1 hauling ratchet and managed to capitalize on a non rain day in Squamish to try it out.  I loaded a haulbag with about 100 or so lbs and set up a haul up a 180' slab.  After playing around with the length of my z cord, I was able to raise the bag 12" to 16" at time, going from standing to a full squat. 

I'm wondering how far I should be able to raise the bag with each stroke?  Is there sort of a max amount to shoot for with each pull when the system is running at high efficiency?


Big Wall Forum / GriGri 2 for solo aid?
« on: March 06, 2012, 06:45:39 pm »
Hey everyone! Longtime lurker, first time poster here.  I really enjoy the amount of knowledge passed around on this site.  I've got a lot of questions about big wallin and solo aid techniques that I'm hoping you all can help me out with.  I hope I can share some of my knowledge and experience with you as well...

I use a regular, unmodified grigri as a belay device for soloing. I've been thinking about putting a backup in my haul bag in the event that I drop that sucker.  Anyone use a grigri 2 for soloing? Any reason not too?  I guess the old style has been discontinued, and I'd rather not use ebay for such a critical link.  What do you think?

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