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Big Wall Forum / The Valley in April
« on: January 15, 2010, 11:41:53 am »
Dear All,

I got the news today that I probably will be visiting the SF area for a business meeting from 17-20 of April. This will also be my first visit to the US, by the way. The opportunity is tantalizing: to get a few extra days and do a wall in the valley.

Before I really start planning , please let me know what to expect regarding  weather and climbing conditions in Yosemite (El Cap ) by that time of the year.  I can either come a week earlier to the meeting or leave a week after that. I pretty much have about a week, 8 days max either way.  Once I made my flight booking I can not change it, so what do you think? Should I forget it and use the time to do some sightseeing? (not bad idea either as I have never been in the US before)
What chances do I have for some nice weather?

I don yet have a partner (but have someone in mind) and I really do not want to begin daydreaming about this until I got the confirmation about the trip and also will be asssured that by that time of the year I can get a fair chance to have decent weather.



Big Wall Forum / Where to buy gear?
« on: February 13, 2009, 11:17:16 pm »
Can you recommend good online shops for me where I can buy bigwall specific gear? I live in Hungary, Europe, where specialized climbing gear is rare. Very few people do this kind of climbing so the shops don't have much. I can buy some BD products like hooks and peckers, but thats all (and I already have them)
I'd plan to buy some Yates stuff, some camhooks, BD cams, other microcams, micronuts, beaks, rurps, heads, etc.
Ideally I'd be able to buy all that in one, for this would reduce shipping and other costs as opposed to get different stuff from different places (like Yates from Yates, some stuff from Ebay so on)

Also any sites with used gear apart from Ebay and the classifieds here and RC?



Big Wall Forum / Double gear slings
« on: February 01, 2009, 07:37:39 am »
This is a newbie question, sorry about that.

I have never used any double gear slings apart from the one I made myself about 9 years ago.

I just started to climb again with all of the usual "fears" of this. Fear of fall, fear of gear failing, you know it (or not :-) )
Ever since I got to know Todd Skinners' death by a failing harness tie-in loop (later determined to be well beyond the state of 'have to replace the harness' I am thinking about using chest harness as a back-up.
I know, I know. My past harnesses never failed me, thats obvious since I'm sitting here and typing this. But then... ( I have to play safe, I have kids... can not act like a maniac anymore :-) )

And also never used chest harness before.

So I'm thinking about getting a double gear sling which is rated as a full strength chest harness. So far I only found Yates's model that would do.

My question is that any other maker does any product that is a d.g.s and a full strength chest harness?
Any links, reviews, thoughts welcome.

I'm ok with buying from US.

(it is a pity that our local currency is in such a bad shape now, buying anything from the States is about 35% more expensive than it was 6 months ago)

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