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Big Wall Forum / Re: Pipe right up, Guest
« on: November 27, 2008, 01:55:16 pm »
I did absolutely nothing climbing related for 6 years. I then went through the junk in the basement and found these haulbags full of gadgets from Sirius. My daughter  (3 ys old) asked what that red shiny thing was, I said " a carabiner". She said, " A kranbinery? What's that good for? And I started to tell her the stories., broke out some old Climbing mags, had some search on youtube. Then I had to buy her a kids harness to hang her from that carabiner, just like those people on the vids and pics.
And throughout this process I kept asking myself where this all magic was during 6 years? So I dumped the old webbings, bought some new software, rope, harness etc., and started again. Went out the local crag toprope solo, aiding some craks. Hell that was for the rigging, I had to abseil down to the base first. Though it was only 25m I was thinking about 'do I have to really do this? " Talk about fear... :-)
Then the sheer enjoyment of aiding up the crack and none of the gear I placed ripped out I really got a flow. So the old things really came back quickly, had a really good day, with a feeling of accomplishing something, and the rest is history.

I caught again the climbing bug. I'm stoked to achive the goals I have set for myself.

Big Wall Forum / Re: Pipe right up, Guest
« on: November 27, 2008, 01:03:44 pm »
Oh, well. I was one of the guest lurking around due to my newfound interest in getting back to bigwall climbing. ?
Sort of have to start all over again after 6-7 years of career, family and whatnot. Not that I was really into bigwalls before, it ended just before it was getting on the way for me, but anyway, maybe this time around I will go further.
I'm glad that this forum is in existence, I have already got lot of my questions answered only by lurking around and reading the posts.
After reading this thread I felt now it is time to recruit a 263th member of this forum, so I did what I had to.


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