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Big Wall Forum / FS: A5 Large Double Simple Fly
« on: April 23, 2012, 07:46:09 pm »
For Sale:

Large A5/TNF Double fly.  No door or window.  Simple tent style.  I bought it new years ago and have never deployed it.  It got hauled up Electric Ladyland once.  The weather was great and we never got it out of the haul bag.  It is seam sealed.  Selling it because I have a fly with the door and window that I like better.  I don't need two.  It'll just sit wasting away in my garage.  I am asking $90 shipped via UPS in the cont. US.

Big Wall Forum / Ever Dream of Climbing a Big Wall?
« on: November 21, 2009, 01:41:45 pm »
I don't mean day dreaming I'm talking night dreaming. 

I dreamed a dream last night that I was preping to do Mescalito with Nanook and Mike. .  To clarify that I am not some random stalker or internet junkie, I have climbed with Nanook and have talked with Mike. and met him in person.

On with the dream.  It started with meeting up with Nanook and Mike.  I drove into The Valley and went looking.  The Valley was packed.  Some school group had mobbed the place.  The intersections were wacked and the traffic was heinous .  There was a round-about inbetween Curry and Yosemite Village.  I think the planners must have been dropping acid. 

So I finally meet up and we head for the Big E.C. .   Nanook's got this cool ride (i don't remember exactly, but it was cool).  He says he's looking for something more fuel efficient.  Whatever.  The commute to The Captain must have been killing his budget (but the car was COOL!).

We arrive at the Big Stone and there are multiple roads going though the meadow.  It's organized into these blocks just like a city except there aren't any buildings.  Like they are planning some development but they haven't built yet.  Ghost town with out the town.   Huh, what is up with that?  The planners must have been doing acid again. 

Mike. and Nanook decide they need some practice.  Practice?  I think it's me who needs the practice!  They head over to the south side.  It might have been The Sentinel .  My dream was a little hazy.  I get left to pack the bags.  After a while I decide to go check on them.  I find them among what looks like ten thousand High Schoolers on the rock.  The rock looks a lot like Point Dume.  What do Point Dume and The Sentinel have in common?  Nothing except you climb on them.  Point Dume has a nice sandy beach, Socal waves, and beachgoers (nice looking beachgoers).  The dreamscape has the Dume rock, the sandy beach minus the ocean, and no beachgoers.

Ok, back to the climbing part.  When I go to check on them they are doing some strange stuff.  Nanook has already lead it, speed aiding or something, and is far end hauling.   Don't ask me why he is hauling.  We're not even doing this climb.  Who wants to practice hauling?  Mike is cleaning the climb.  Meanwhile all around us are TONS of high school kids climbing everything.  Mike. and Nanook have the only open space on the wall.

Ok, enough practice.  I get the haul bag and commence humping loads into the base of the climb.  The walk was pretty routine and the weather was perfect!  Then I woke up with a sore back.  DAMN IT!  I didn't even get to climb!

I think I might be jonesin' to do a wall a little to bad. Anybody else have a climbing dream?

Edited for something resembling clarity.

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