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Partner & Mentor Matching
« on: October 20, 2014, 06:58:41 pm »
Mentor Matching
Whether you're looking for someone to show you the ropes or looking for a partner to tackle some objectives leave a post with your area and description to meet some new people to climb with!

I'm new to aid climbing and a few highly specialized techniques which can be a bit overwhelming to learn (nailing, pincraft, hauling etc...). I've started to teach myself some of the basics from books but. I live in Vancouver, BC and I want to climb the big aid routes up the Chief. I'm a competent trad-leader in the low 10s sport into 11 with a handful of C1 pitches done. I'd really love to aid climb with someone more experienced than myself and tackle some of the bigger lines over the wet winter here in Squamish. Rain/ poor weather doesn't scare me (much).

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