Author Topic: Prow TR from way back machine (climbing journal- short entry)  (Read 1410 times)

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Prow TR from way back machine (climbing journal- short entry)
« on: January 06, 2007, 01:04:49 am »
This is from 1993 hope the flavor comes thru. Staccato mind thoughts and profoundness.
May 22
At base of Prow
Went to Dead Show last night. Got f'd up. Met Belen. Great Time. Thx D & J.
I fixed first pitch. 2 parties of 3 above us. hope no ones shittin.
2 guys going to do SF Column
Hope moms good. Intense wall. Julias fine. Gotta get her home with me. Trippy call from dad. Bizarre. Bizarre.
Make vocal recording of impressions.

May 23
morning on portaledge, had to clean in dark last night. 3 pitches to go. Drank Fosters. Very thirsty in day
hungry, thinking about Belen from show.
Found penny stuck in crack on ledge.
the rock is beautiful, sweeping waves of granite.

May 24
finished day off by 3 or 4 pitches. very thirsty
north dome gully very long, got down in dark
home by 1:00am.


journal entry on same events copied to be more legible for later reading included these thoughts...

dead show - unbelievable...

still a little hazy went to base of column...
slept at base bivy, bad mosquitos

woke up early, got pissed on by party on anchorage ledge. party above was slow
they offered for us to jug their lines and pass. we did. good aid climbing
desire to get off wall, but only way off for myself was up. got to 6th pitch and was running on endorphins
i did 6th pitch in little over an hour. then strange dihedral pretty quick. doug did 8th pitch, i cleaned in the dark left one biner and sling behind. slept on porta ledge after drinking fosters and can of corn. very thirsty day very tired. found penny in rock, left it for next. rock beautiful sweeping orange waves of granite.

3 pitches to go, or so I thought. very thirsty. finished early evening... drank half bottle of heineken... I drove back smelled like dog piss. totally exhausted. oh, on hike out found campground drank much good cold water.

more personal notes- having major doubts about doing dihedral in one month. talk to me later...looking forward to when I come back. Maybe get Julia to climb with us.

LOL what a woose!!! hope it resonates or scares ya. hahahaha 

Cheers compadres,