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Big Walls in Iran
« on: December 07, 2008, 09:21:56 pm »
This from Shahram Abanej:

 Bigwalls in iran . Bigwall climbing in iran started about 50 years ago . The highest bigwall from free surface of see coast is Alamkooh bigwall in north of iran You can see some information about its zone in my english weblog that I didnt continue writing . (
   Alamkooh 400.m granite bigwall had climbed by mountaineer from  (harry and rost ) 5.10 - A1 and from france (5.10 - A1) .I think the best routes opened with polish mountaineers in 1969(A2 ,5.11a) and 1973(A2,5.9) . You can see photos of my assent on second polish routes in by the name 52 polish .
   Bisotoon is a limestone bigwall in west of Iran near Iraq . Iranian opened so many routes on it .(
    Akhlomad is a valley In north east of Iran it is a long valley with too many 200 - 300 meter .
   Iran is a mountaiy zone with to famaous zone Zagros and Alborz with too many more than 4000.m tops . you can find too many bigwall in Iran . But people dont know bigwall climbing else films in cinema .
   I try give you more information about Iran ,Just accept this till next . I introduced you to Iranian bigwall climber for more exciting climbs in Trango .
   I am famous in Iran to Shahram skyhook for my aided climbs with hooks. But I speak too disturbing .. . Excuse me for this but I love bigwall climbing and enjoy from Lonlyness in beavies .
      I am very happy too meet you in web and I ll try continue this connection (If you let ) .I am ready to have good relation with all mountaineer in the world and study some things from their experiences . Did  you see this post on my weblog: . It is an interview with you by mountainzone which translated by myself .I saw the furum that u sent me . I will introduce it to iranians .
     sincerely yours
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Re: Big Walls in Iran
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2008, 07:19:17 am »
"...I speak too disturbing..."

Heh, no worries. Many Americans speak too disturbing.

Fun post, JM. Thanks for putting it up.
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