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DIY portaledge bits
« on: July 14, 2010, 04:40:01 pm »
I'm in the the midst of my latest boondoggle, a double ledge.  I figured other sickos out there might be interested in a couple bits I scrounged up:

Corners:  Duece advocated for copper elbows, but I scrounged up 1" stainless elbows normally used for boat handrails.  I got mine off ebay for ~10 bucks each, but many places carry them (google "90 dregree elbow stainless marine handrail"):

Edge binding tape:  I have used nylon grossgrain webbing, which works well for straight runs, but is a pain for things like inside corners.  Bias tape conforms much easier, and if pre-ironed into a taco it is quite easy to bing an edge without any special attachments:

Spreader bar ends:  I've ordered these, but don't have them in yet, so my tune may change.  For $9 each from amazon (search for "Hollaender Structural Slip On Fittings"), and some hack sawing these look to be the ticket, just need to open it up into a half circle.  My joiners are 1 1/4" aluminum, and my spreader bar will be out of 1" 4130, so I'll need a chunk of 1 1/4"x0.058" tubing to shim the bar up to the size of the tee, but that should be easy enough:

At the rate I'm sewing, I should have a fancy new ledge in only a few more seasons!  At least it will be lime green.
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