Author Topic: Wall next week? C2/A2'ish  (Read 1220 times)

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Wall next week? C2/A2'ish
« on: April 21, 2006, 02:58:40 pm »
Looking for a partner for a wall next week, like Thursday-Tuesday'ish (28th-2nd).  My dates can be moved a day or two if necessary.  I'm planning of drivng down Wednesday night and spending Thrusday ferrying and fixing, so I could even handle Someone showing up Friday morning if you don't mind me fixing the first pitch or three.

I have gear, most anything you might need short of daisies and a helmet.   I'll lead C2/A2 kind of stuff.  I'll lead like 5.7 stuff out of aiders.  If you want to do harder, I'll happily follow and watch in amazement.  I've done 2 walls in good style (well, my pitches anyway), and bailed off a couple more.  Maybe the trip?  Mideast Crisis?  Lurking Fear?  Other?

I would really prefer someone who has done a wall, or at the very least done a bunch of practice aiding/cleaning.