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Re: Harnesses
« Reply #60 on: September 23, 2010, 09:44:17 am »
I use the new BD harness (Big Gun). I had all my crap stolen not too long ago and had to buy all new, (yeah don't laugh when you see me out there with all new shwag look like a noob) and I used to be a Yates guy. Well I decided to try a less bulky harness and I really like it. Easy to clip stuff away, made some small modifications, but all in all it is a good harness. The gear loops are bomber, easy to drop the leg loops for that special time in the morning, my biggest complaint is the size of the tie in point. It is small and when soloing I have a double locker setup for my slient partner, 2 daisies, and a fifi to get through the tie in point and it is tight. The double belay loop is kinda over kill but sure is nice to split up the back up knots while soloing. Misty Mountain made some great harnesses as well, but this is what I got and I really like it. Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Harnesses
« Reply #61 on: September 23, 2010, 10:47:58 am »
I've been using the BD Big Gun lately too.  My comments are:

1.  Dropping the leg loops is easy, BUT redoing the little keeper webbing if you take them completely off is a real SOB.  It's worse once you hands are big walled...  Last time took about 10 minutes and a nut tool.  WTF?

2.  The upper gear loops are useless.  So while it has 7 loops, only 5 get used.  Any time I use the upper ones, I end up not being able to find things later.  I've rather have 3 per side in a row squeezed in than they arrangement they used.  Overall I like the loops themselves, and like that there is actual webbing in there.

3.  Leg loops could be a bit wider.  Hanging belays after a couple days hurt more than with a Yates.  They are not bad, just not great.

4.  Low bulk is nice, easier to sleep in than my shield.  I use mine for trad occasionally too, and it doesn't feel too bulky for the most part.

5.  I miss the double haul loops the circa ~1998 BD Big Wall harness had (I liked that gear loop arrangement better too).  I find that the behind the back gear loop is too easy to lose track of stuff on, so certain things get clipped into the haul loop, and I really miss having a second one (nobody does this anymore, sadly).

6.  The stiffened webbing tip makes threading easier than my Shield, and has yet to fray.  I also have had no slipping issues, while my shield slips like a real SOB.

7.  The elastic velcro thing is stupid and useless, cut it off.  All it does to me is come loose, then find its way between the harness and my belly while hauling.  Ouch.

8.  The hammer loop lets my little Cassin hammer fall through.

Overall I like it, but BD could spend a little more time on functionality than polishing up the color scheme.

My $0.02.