Key Reference information from the the D4 Delta Notebook:

Delta2p Reference:

Delta3p Reference:  DELTA3p BED SEWING MANUAL by Anna

more Delta1p Reference:

35mm*1.5mm to 30mm tube D4 Joiner STEP file
First single point Three Person Portaledge

Anna-Véronique L'Hoest on the Delta3p she patterned from the 42mm*2mm.35mm*1.5mm framesets HB and crew crafted.

Solid D4 portaledge crafters:  Alex Hartshorne, Simon Bischoff, Carl Hansen, and Hannah Vasiliades, 2020.

Delta 3p Karakoram Winter, 2021:

Hello John, below our thoughts.  I hope they will be useful.

During the climbing our route on Uli Biaho Gallery we use D4 Delta 3 person Portaledge. We think that it is a really good product for that kind of activites. We have some suggestion :

1. We use it in 2 person with all stuff for worm up (big sleeping bags, extra jacket, big shoes etc). After first night we knew that in 3 person in would be extremly hard to do it. In the space in the middle we have our gear for cooking witch is very importand in winter and we spend a lot of time to do this.

2. Construction is really solid. Setting is simple and quick. Good quality of material, ventilation was enought.

3. Entrence is narrow but still You can easily sneeze inside. Zipper works well even on the freez.

4. Little too small Space for the foot. We have problem with touching sleepingbags with the wall's of tent and then it mostly wet in this area.

5. Place for both sides have small green rope at the end of the zippers,this place collapsed inside during the snowfalls. We attached the skipoles outside and it was little better.


1. We used extra poles from tent to put up the fly. We use it also to attached the jetboil. It would be nice to have it in standard and if it will be a special place for it.

If it will be maybe another poles in the place for foot also. It will reduce the problem with not enough space there, but maybe material should be little longer than?

2. System to get tension for wide, from the zippers. We used trekking poles, it was impovising. Maybe some other idea to get more tension for both sides.

3. It would be nice if on the back sides of tent( there were You have heads) will be some extra pockets with thin material( mesh) for some small stuff.

4. If the coulor will be more bright ( yellow) there will be more light inside and better for the photos😉

5. Maybe some window's with plastic material in the front? I've seen something like thant in mountain hardwear tent eV2,older version and it was very good!

6. If You want to use it in summer but some rainy area ( Greenland we think maybe next time) there should be some extra resistant for stitches.

Best regards, Marcin Tomaszewski and Damian Bielecki

"We've been doing it wrong all these years--feet-out is better than side-to-wall!"

--John Middendorf, first discovering the stability of the Delta2p design, 2019